Alchemy Merch is owned and operated by Greg Kerr. The founder, Greg, has been making merchandise for his clients since 2001 with his first company, Miles to go belts and has operated an apparel brand, Miles to go, since 2007. Our expertise is taking artwork and transforming it to be optimized for production in an array of mediums. In 2016, Greg started Pin Game Strong and their team has made over 1.5 million enamel pins and patches for their pin game family.

Alchemy Merch is now growing from that experience to offer new products our clients have been asking for us to make. We care about your art and making it look the best we can. Greg’s businesses have been trusted to make merchandise for thousands of independent artists, as well as corporate clients such as Domino’s Pizza, Jack in the Box, Quickbooks, Air BnB, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and many more.

We don’t just toss your art onto a product. We work with you to find the best way to execute it for the chosen medium and understand the importance of branding for your projects. We are all artists who understand your unique needs for your merchandise and want to work with you to elevate your merch.